How Ship 30 Flipped My Hate for Writing Into a Hobby That Pays Me and Why You Should Join the Cohort

Tomasz Dobrowolski
4 min readFeb 11, 2022
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When I was a kid, I hated writing.

Every parent’s evening, I heard the same feedback:

“Tomasz is not good at writing. He needs to read more books.”

With the negativity surrounding my writing, I distanced myself from exploring the subject.

Until Ship 30 pivoted my thinking. Here’s how:

Ship 30 is the education I needed at school

The course is everything a school education misses.

Ship 30 mixes encouragement, constructive feedback, and a community to support you on your way.

The masters themselves (Cole & Dickie) teach you the fundamentals of digital writing. They support you every step of the way.

They turned a subject I feared into a hobby I love.

I made real-life friends and learned how to network

When Dickie and Cole repeated the phrase ‘Join for the writing, stay for the community’. I thought it was just a marketing term.

No one makes friends on the internet, right? You message people once and that’s it? I was so wrong. Over the past month, I have jumped on multiple zoom calls, hosted Twitter spaces, and connected with people all over the world.

All people with different perspectives, who are now lifelong friends.

A month ago, I would never jump on a call with someone on the internet. But Ship 30 boosted my confidence.

It’s a simple concept, but Ship 30 gave me the ropes on how to network. Every week, they throw you into a random call with someone on the cohort to talk and brainstorm. You meet like-minded people who want to help you on your journey! Why? Because you’re all on the same boat!

You learn so much more than writing.

My issues with perfectionism disappeared!

School teaches you to aim for perfection.

If your grammar and sentence structure are not perfect, you get bad marks.

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