Are Coding Bootcamps Right for Your New Career as a Developer? 4 Points You Need to Consider

Coding bootcamps are short-term intensive courses, designed to give you all the introductory skills for an entry-level developer role. They are great for obtaining experience in a brief space of time. But is it worth it for you?

Time Commitment

Bootcamps offer two types of courses:

  • Full-time for 3 months (5 days a week).
  • Part-time for 6 months (2–3 days a week).

Most bootcamps provide assignments which require a time commitment outside of the course itself. To get the most out of a bootcamp, prepare to reduce your other priorities.


Bootcamps are expensive. Typically, setting back an average cost of $13,584. While this is cheaper than going to university, it is still a hefty cost you need to consider.


While bootcamps provide great resources to learn the skills required for a developer role. Do not expect to finish bootcamp with all the skills necessary for the industry. Bootcamps provide the foundation for your new skills, which you need to build on regularly.

Finding the right bootcamp

If you have decided this is the right route for you, do your research beforehand. Bootcamps have mixed reviews and this is down to the course you join. Find out the typical job success rate from Bootcamp graduates. You can find this through Alumni reviews of the course on Google. See if you can speak to any of the instructors beforehand.


When you research bootcamps, ensure the course provides enough training for your desired skills. Check the curriculum covers languages related to your ideal job description. If you want to become a web developer, a data science bootcamp may not be suitable.

Make sure it’s a right fit

Bootcamps can be amazing if you have the time and money available to join. But do not force yourself down this road if it does not feel right. There are many other ways to break into the industry.



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