6 Effortless Ways To Stand Out in the Job Market With Less Than 10 Minutes of Work a Day

Tomasz Dobrowolski
4 min readMar 27
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Do you find job hunting takes up too much of your time with no reward?

With less than ten minutes of work a day, you can make yourself stand out and get that dream job you have always wanted. These are all approaches that I have tested which are guaranteed to improve your success rate.

Here are six effortless ways to stand out:

1. Complete LinkedIn Assessments to unlock priority job openings

While LinkedIn assessments do not give you the same leverage as a college degree, they do have their benefits.

The key benefit is that employers can prioritize job openings for candidates who have passed LinkedIn assessments. Meaning you will have access to apply for a job before anyone without a LinkedIn assessment.

And if your industry has fierce competition, being one of the first candidates to apply makes a big difference.

No employer is going to sift through hundreds of candidates for a job, but they will look at the first ten candidates.

You don’t even need to know the answers for these assessments, as you can look them up online while you’re taking the test.

2. Respond to every message on LinkedIn to boost the algorithm

Did you know that recruiters can see your response rate to messages when they send you an InMail via LinkedIn?

What is InMail?

InMail is a mailing list feature on LinkedIn premium, where recruiters can send a message to multiple candidates. It’s a great tool for recruiters who want to find relevant candidates for a job listing.

But the number of messages you can send via InMail is capped. Meaning recruiters need to be picky.

If your response rate is at 0%, you can guarantee a recruiter is not going to waste their InMail on you.

They are aiming for high-quality leads only.

So let the LinkedIn algorithm work in your favor by responding to every message. Automate this task further by using a template response.

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