5 Personal Projects for Beginners in Web Development Looking to Expand Their Portfolio

Tomasz Dobrowolski
2 min readJan 27, 2022
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Without a portfolio, your chances of getting hired as a web developer are slim.

They are great for learning a new language and expanding your portfolio. Try not to get too stuck on the details of implementation. Just begin coding and see how far you can get! Remember, Google is your best friend when you are stuck!

Here are some of my favourite portfolio projects.

🔐 Password Generator

Difficulty: Easy


  • Generate a password for a specific length of characters set by the user.
  • Checkbox to allow/disallow special characters.
  • Provide a passphrase option: ‘word1-word2-word3’

Hard mode: Make a password manager, which stores the password to an associated account.

❌ Tic-tac-toe

Difficulty: Medium


  • Allow the player to select circles or crosses.
  • Create a selectable grid.
  • 2 Player Game. First player to complete a row wins.

Hard mode: Add a CPU player which decides based on user input.

📜 Quiz Application

Difficulty: Easy


  • Create a multiple-choice quiz for your desired subject.
  • Allow the player to select the difficulty.
  • Measure the players’ score.

Hard mode: Add a leader board.

🛒 E-commerce Website

Difficulty: Hard


  • Create a website that allows users to select and add items to their cart.
  • Allow the user to purchase items.
  • Create product pages for each product.

Hard mode: Add an account page that provides details for each order made.

💤 Sleep Tracker

Difficulty: Medium


  • Users can create an account.
  • The user enters their desired hours of sleep.
  • An input page for the users’ actual sleep.

Hard mode: Display a chart of the users’ sleep record.

Work on the projects consistently

Setup your GitHub account and regularly push code to your account.

By pushing regularly, employers will see that you have a passion for coding. Show all of your work on there, even the projects you feel are not great. This will show employers you are improving.

Before you know it, your portfolio will be a vast library of projects!

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