4 Essential Habits of a Successful Junior Developer

Tomasz Dobrowolski
4 min readSep 10, 2022
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Have you ever wondered what a successful junior developer looks like?

In my working career, I have noticed four habits that separate successful junior developers from the rest. These habits build the foundation for success in the industry.

Master these habits as a junior and you will be unstoppable.

1. They are not afraid to look stupid

No matter a Junior Developer’s experience, the working world is completely different from a boot camp or college.

There are many aspects a junior developer has to tackle at work:

  • Domain knowledge (how the business works).
  • Tech stack
  • Stakeholder management
  • Delivering features within specific timelines and constraints.

No junior developer knows how to do this well.

So how do they tackle this?

By asking questions. They do not care if the question makes them look stupid or inexperienced because the only way they can learn is by asking the question.

In the working world, you do not get spoon-fed.

So asking questions to achieve clarity is the only way to seek out knowledge and an understanding of processes.

2. They don’t take things personal

No one in the working world cares about you that much.

Everyone is more concerned with themselves. Their next promotion, their next task, their next deadline, or meeting.

When a successful junior developer asks for help and does not receive a response straight away, they do not get disheartened. They understand that the colleague likely has a whole heap of shit they need to do themselves.

It’s nothing personal.

Any good colleague will be there to help you when they can. They just may not be able to drop everything for you right away.

The same goes for code-reviews

When a good junior developer receives criticism in a code review, they know it’s about the code itself, not their…

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